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Stickman Hook

About game:

Stickman Hook captures the fun that only the Alternative, Adventure and Stickman video games have! In the game world of Stickman Hook, it is not your hand, but your reflex is working unlimitedly. You will see why Stickman Hook has got millions of fans around the world ever since it was released. First, this game offers tons of exciting missions. Stickman Hook requires making a break down the checkerboard column lying at the end of every level.

You will be controlling the Stickman and try your best to throw yourself into the air, as well as hanging yourself up around the Pins. The distance from where you start to the destination seems like a short fun trip, but if you cannot handle it smoothly, your gameplay will quickly become a night-mare. For example, one mistake will either slow down your progress or take you straight back to the beginning if you aren’t lucky enough.

We all know that playing with ropes is fun an exciting, as long as you know how the ropes work. With Stickman Hook, you will learn a lot about the gravity and chance of surviving. The game also provides you with thousands of different skins so you can change from Stickman to a Hotdog, Cactus and even a Unicorn. Get your head in Stickman Hook now and challenge yourself to make it to the last mission without dying now!

Stickman Hook Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse to control the Stickman.

Stickman Hook - How to play

Control of Stickman Hook

Tips and tricks:

You can use the Space bar to shorten the length of the rope quicker.
Once you are stuck, the only method which helps clean everything is getting back to the Start.

Stickman Hook is a recommended game by Hudgames editors along with Fireboy and WatergirlFireboy and Watergirl 2 and Rapunzel Tower.

Stickman Hook Walkthrough