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Stickman Boost

About Game :

If you are fans of stickman game then you will not be able to ignore the game: Stickman boost.

Stickman boost is the series of action and overcoming obstacles game, it will make you excited every moment. Stickman Boost was released in January the year 2018, and so far the game is still very hot. You can play Stickman Boost on any Web browser. This game is categorized as an action game.

In this game, you are a stickman. You must overcome the obstacles of the game. On your journey, you can collect items, the item will help you achieve 3 stars in each stage, if you collect less than the prescribed number of stars, you will not pass the stage.

There are 10 different stages. Each stage is different challenges and the difficulty will increase gradually up. Try to pass all of the stages, to be 3 stars when you complete.

How to play :

  • W or Up arrow to jump
  • A/ D or Left/ Right arrow to move Left and Right
  • S or Down arrow to crouch

Stickman Boost - How to play

Control of Stickman Boost

Stickman Boost Unblocked:

Stickman Boost Unblocked is available on You can play it for free will give you a lot of free action games and gives you instructions. Play now and enjoy it!

Tips and Tricks :

You can play the game with both hands, one hand is used to press W and S to jump up and down, and one hand used to press the left/right arrow.

Try to collect more items, because it helps you pass the stage.

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Stickman Boost Walkthrough