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About the game:

Steep is a platform game, belonging to the genre of consecutive games and avoid obstacles. You will control a ball so that it passes the steep track without crashing or crashing into obstacles along the way. The ball will fall automatically, and the later the slope will increase; the speed of the ball will get faster and faster.

There are six rounds of play, corresponding to 6 points that you need to pass. Pay attention to the gravity and width of the track that has the best way to control the ball. If the ball falls off the road or hits an obstacle, it will burst, and you will lose. Try to maintain and keep the ball on the track as long as possible, and your score will increase significantly later.

The more the level, the faster the speed of the ball is fantastic, and obstacles also appear more with dense density. Be well prepared to join this continuous game.

Steep Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys two sides to control the ball

Steep - How to play

Control of Steep

Tips and tricks:

  • If you miss the track, but the ball is not broken, try to bring it back
  • Because the road is quite slippery, be very careful