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About the Game:

Spy by Filipe Sheepwolf is a great strategy-driven puzzle stealth game. It revolves around the mission of a stealth “Spy” cube robot that infiltrates the TechGeneScience building, an organization that has developed a lethal bioweapon, and that virus won’t be in any good hands. Your active gadgets comprise only a screwdriver and a visual sensor, and you must sneak your way through the building and foil TechGeneScience’s plan.

Don’t let the generic name and simple premise fool you, the game is an extremely enjoyable journey and the concept is well fleshed out. There is no room for mistake: guards get alerted even if you bang a ventilation duct in the slightest way. There’s no visual detection meter, so every push through the surveillance cameras is a gamble. Control is extremely delicate, so you must take great care in your actions. Underestimate your momentum and you will be compromised.

The game features a captivating atmosphere with abstract, monochromatic graphics that resemble the look of a high-tech drone camera, great sound effects, and a charming voiceover. Depending on your skills and familiarity with the genre, the game will be either a cakewalk or a grueling series of re-attempts. Spy will be the challenging dose of puzzle games that you will enjoy.

Spy Unblocked:

There’s a website where you can play Spy Unblocked for free: HUDGAMES.COM. With support for all modern web browsers, great support and 24/7 online availability, HUDGAMES.COM is the holy grail for Unblocked games.

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Use your tools with 1, 2 and 3.
  • Hit 4 to open your options.

Spy - How to play

Control of Spy

Tips and tricks:

  • Slow down and be extremely wary with your movement, especially on the last level. Momentum is a core mechanic and you must be aware of so.
  • Make sure you leave the scene as unchanged as possible. Guards will pick up on some crucial marks.

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