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About the game:

Sprinter is a sport/speed game. It is very popular in the United States with a large number of players. In the game, you will transform into a professional athlete participating in big and small tournaments in the region and the world. For a 100-meter race, you need to show your speed, supple feet, and long strides to get to the finish line as soon as possible. You and 7 athletes from different countries compete against each other on a run. You need to try to cross the first or second finish line to pass the level. After each run, the system will record the player's time and put it in a personal record.

Each tournament, players try their best to exceed their personal record time. The level of difficulty increases gradually, the size of the tournament will increase as the school level, national level, world level, ... The speed of your opponent will increase. Give your best to win! To do this, you must have a high concentration, quick hands to control your character in the most perfect way. This is a very worthy challenge to overcome, right? Try to win with your own feet! What are you waiting for, come play now? Try to overcome all your opponents!

Sprinter Unblocked:

Currently, Sprinter Unblocked is now part of the rich game source at With the size of light games and simple gameplay, you can play the game on the website anywhere. It is extremely convenient!

How to play:

  • Using the right and left arrows of the keyboard to move

Tips and tricks:

  • You need to press the keys steadily to run without falling.
  • When you press faster and evenly, you run faster