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About game:

Spiderling is another amazing Adventure, Mystery, and Dark video game that you need to add to your game list. Who does not like spending time chasing a mystery? In Spiderling, you have to take the role of an animal protagonist, whose mission is following his friend and uncover a deep secret. Being woken up from his big sleep, the animal protagonist hardly knows what is going on in the surrounding, which leads to his journey of discovering the game world.
The game allows you to shoot spider silk and use that unique ability to help you jump even higher and go even further. Somehow, Spiderling teaches you to use your skills as your shields. You can see that Spiderling includes several episodes; each one has got a name and a set of various challenges. For example, in the first episode: Leaving The Nest, you will be facing giant distinguish wombs, knight lakes, and more. With the help of the smooth controls, you will find it easy to control your character. At least, you know that surviving all the challenges will bring you to reliable results.
The graphics of Spiderling is terrific with lovely backgrounds. You will love to travel around the game world alongside the male protagonist to enjoy all the incredible scenes that you can only catch up with them in the movies. Are you excited already? Have fun with Spiderling now!

Spiderling Unblocked:

Spiderling Unblocked is now a part of If you are interested in investing the Adventure of Spiderling Unblocked, you should get to immediately to experience it! Have fun!

How to play:

  • Press the X/Shift button to shoot. Hold “Shoot” to hold on to the web.
  • Press the Z button to jump. Hold “Jump” to reach higher.
  • Press the Down arrow button and Z button at the same time to dig.

Spiderling - How to play

Control of Spiderling

Tips and tricks:

Whenever you need help, hold the F button, and an entire instruction board will appear.
The intro is not essential to your progress so that you can consider skipping it and jump straight into the gameplay.

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Spiderling Walkthrough