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Space is Key Hell

About the game :

Feeling bored these days? Looking for something exciting? Those old games cannot make you feel satisfied?

Space is Key Hell is here to save the day. Space is Key Hell is made by ChrisJeff. In this arcade game, you will control The Square, which moves very fast. You will have to jump over the squares of the other lying on the ground.

With only one simple way of gaming, to get through all those obstacles. To pass a level, you will need to jump over and pass every obstacle. The levels are getting harder and harder every time you pass one.

Try to finish the game if you can. I dare you to pass even just the 2nd level. Some players give up at the 1st one, do you think you’re good enough? I don’t think so, the difficulty is already in the name, Hell! With its absolute insanity, you will soon give up too.

How to play :

The best part about this game is how to play it, you simply just need to press Space Bar to enjoy the whole game.

Press Space Bar to jump up to jump over obstacles.

Press Space Bar to also change gravity.

Space is Key Hell - How to play

Control of Space is Key Hell

Space is Key Hell Unblocked :

Already felt excited about the game and wondering how to find Space is Key Hell Unblocked? You can find it here at for free. Come now to enjoy the game.

Tips and Tricks :

Calculate the distance between obstacles precisely to jump over them.

Remember to read the instructions carefully to know what you should do in that round.

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Space is Key Hell Walkthrough