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Space is Key Christmas

About game :

If you're finding an excitement video game but you're too lazy for using all of your fingers to control, then come right here and play Space is Key Christmas (also known as Space is Key Xmas). It’s a platform brain training game that won’t let you down.

Precisely pressing Space key to making your Square jump over the others, pass all the other square and you will pass the level. Each level will have different ways of arranging the obstacles and the difficulty of the game will rise continuously every time you pass a level. With a different background which inspired by the cozy day of Christmas. Space is Key Christmas will be an enjoyable game that you should try now.

I can only pass the 3rd level, how far do you think you can go?

Challenge your friends to see who is the best in this game. Have fun!

Space is Key Christmas Unblocked :

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How to play :

Just like the name of the game, Space is the only Key you need to press.

Press Space Key to making the Square jump over the obstacles.

Space is Key Christmas - How to play

Control of Space is Key Christmas

Tips and Tricks :

Don’t worry if you crash many times, try to notice the distance between the obstacle squares. So, the next time you will easily get over it. And notice the instruction so you will know which is the gravity level.

At some levels, Space will change gravity and things will go upside down.

Space is Key Christmas is really an awesome game and along with Rolling SkySpace is Key 2 and Space is Key Hell, they've created the most addictive action games on Hudgames.

Space is Key Christmas Walkthrough