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Space Is Key 2

About game

Space is Key 2 is a platform game developed by ChrisJeff - a casual game developer comes from the United Kingdom. In this game, there is a tiny square object which slides automatically from left to right and reverses from right to left. On its way, there are many obstacles which you have to jump over to continue.

Your target is passing as many levels as you can. Be noticed! The square object slides very fast.

This excellent game is powered by Flash to work without any trouble in all modern browsers. Simple concept, familiar graphics interface, subtle colors, and energetic music are what Space is Key can bring you. Put your fingers on the Space key and enjoy the game.

Space is Key 2 unblocked

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Space is Key 2 has become the classic game on Hudgames along with Rolling SkySpace is key and Space is Key Christmas. All of them are strongly recommended by the editors.

How to play

Like its name, Space key 2 is all you need in this game, press it to jump.

Space Is Key 2 - How to play

Control of Space Is Key 2

Tips and tricks

Timing is the determinant. You have to find the right moment to jump.

Quick, quick, and quick. When you find the right time to jump, jump immediately.

Space Is Key 2 Walkthrough