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Space is Key

About  Game:

Space is key is a fun arcade game, it is very suitable for those who love adventure. Space is key is the overcoming obstacle game. The game has colorful graphics and the gameplay is easy to play. Although a simple concept, but a great game!

In this game, you are a square block. Your mission is to control it have overcome obstacles in the game and get the stars on each journey. You have to concentrate to control accurately. Be careful in every round. At each level, the difficulty will gradually increase and speed also increased faster. The game has background music is extremely fun and exciting. It will help you more elation.

The special thing in this game is that you will be immortal, you will not die when hit obstacles. Are you ready? Have fun, my friend!

Space is key Unblocked:

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How to play:

Press S to control your square block and have fun!

Space is Key - How to play

Control of Space is Key

Tips and Tricks

When having the rectangular blocks, to pay attention to the small squares is spinning before them.  Get them, it will help you remove the rectangular blocks.

When no obstacles are not taking the small squares.

Beside the remarkable name like Rolling Sky, Space is Key 2 and Space Hopper are also incredibly addictive video games that adored by thousands of gamers on Hudgames.

Space is Key Walkthrough