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Space Hopper

About this game:

In case you are into some alien – platform and jumping games, Space Hopper is considered as a good choice for you. Your mission in this game is to collect “points” – in the type of some shiny little stars with (sometimes) in different colors.

The scene consists of the outer space background and many round platforms in the shape of small planets. The distance between each “platform” varies, and each of it owns “gravity” different too. While collecting the stars, you need to jump on those planets – which can stay still or moving around in a circle; they can also slow the speed of your running or increase the height of your jumping.

On some platforms, there are monsters – those are created to prevent you from quickly collecting points, each time you touch them, you lose one health, and you have four healths in total. After you succeeded in picking enough stars, a black hole opens, and you can go to another level when you jump at it.

Space Hopper Unblocked:

At the moment, you can find and play Space Hopper Unblocked super easy through the site This is one of the best websites for players to search for free online game at any moment. Have fun, dude!

Space Hopper is a recommended game by Hudgames editors along with Rolling SkySpace is Key Hell and Space is key.

How to play:

This game’s control is easy for everyone to handle, with only three keys – they are the arrow buttons. Up for jump, Left and Right to move forward or backward.

Space Hopper - How to play

Control of Space Hopper

Tips and Tricks:

The only thing you need to concern about is timing. By calculate the precisely right time, you can move to another platform quicker.

The icy “planet” will slow your speed; the “yellow planet” can help you jump extremely high; while the green one is truly the worst: it can both slow you down and reduce the height of your jump. The spherical – shaped planet acts the same role as the monster – the more you touch, the less health you have, but each of it can only last once if you touch.