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Space Escape

About the Game:

Space Escape By Renegade Lab Studios is a Flash game, which enables it to be played on any and all modern web browsers without the need to configure for different operating systems and input methods. You play as a galactic lieutenant who is stuck on an unknown, hostile planet and must make your way to safety at all costs.

The game is a third-person 3D platformer whose controls are extremely unforgiving. One mistimed leap or turn will spell failure to your run. As you make your way through the course, you encounter many obstacles that require pinpoint accuracy to overcome. You are also accompanied by a vibrant cosmic canvas that spans the background and an upbeat soundtrack that drive you to the goal.

One unique feature of the game is its math puzzles. At the end of each level, you must solve a mathematic progression by figuring out the next number in a sequence. Your mental gymnastics will be put to the test.

Space Escape Unblocked:

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How to play:     

  • Move around with WASD keys.
  • Press Space to jump, and hold for a higher jump in Platforming mode.
  • Use Space or M to shoot in Space Shooter mode.
  • Press R to restart the stage if you’re stuck.

Space Escape - how to play

Control of Space Escape

Tips and tricks:

  • Get in a nice position and time your jumps! The game is very unforgiving and you are prone to fall down.
  • Brainstorm at the end checkpoints, there is no time limit and you can figure out the pattern in no time.

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