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Space Cop

About the game:

Space Cop is an addictive action - adventure game with two different forms of gameplay. You can choose to play this game in two packages. The first package consists of 9 levels, and you will, in turn, conquer each level. The second package includes randomly arranged levels, and you will play flexibly without depending on the available frameworks.

Your mission is to move around the ship and hunt for space criminals. Then, you need to destroy them to protect your own safety as well as the security of the ship. In order to do this, you will have to use weapons quickly and move skillfully and have a good tactic to destroy the enemy.

The game has vivid animated scenes and dramatic sound. These are the factors that make Space Cop one of the most popular games in online entertainment websites.

Space Cop Unblocked:

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Along with Gun Mayhem, Temple of Boom and Infinity Inc are also the names that attract millions of gamers on Hudgames.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to move the character, and press LEFT/RIGHT to walk, UP to double jump, DOWN to interact and SPACEBAR to shoot.

Space Cop - How to play

Control of Space Cop

Tips and tricks:

  • Look carefully to find the enemies who are hiding in your ship and destroy them quickly.
  • Practice before playing to get used to the game manipulation and quickly win this game.