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About game: is a Multiplayer, Battle, Snow, Robot and Platform video game, in which you will have to create as many big snowballs as you can. This game puts a number of players from different servers around the globe into one Snow Island, surrounded by water. To survive, one play must ride the snow maker machine around the battlefield until he makes a giant snowball and defeats the other players, known as his opponents.

While the players are trying to eliminate each other, the battlefield starts to shrink, as each part of it disappears. The parts of the battlefield which disappear brings everything down into the water with it. You will recognise a shrinking area by its colour, which turns from white to red. owns fun gameplay with humorous elements. You may be able to win some opponents but later, no one knows where the destiny draws you to.

The game allows you to define your identity with a cool nickname, change your character’s skin and even rank yourself with the golden stars. Also, when you find it challenging to defeat the other players for the first time playing, you will develop your survival skills soon. Let’s start your engine with now, as you are ready for the kinds of exciting battles that this video game offers! Have fun! Unblocked:

You can play Unblocked at This site is a wonderful gameland for anyone to come and pick himself a good video game. With tons of video game genres, you will soon find another great video game to spend time with, after you have done playing Unblocked.

How to play:

Use the computer mouse to touch the screen, control the character and make great snowballs. - How to play

Control of

Tips and tricks:

  • You should not turn your back to any player since they can defeat you easily in that position.
  • When one area turns red, you need to get out of it immediately to save your life.

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