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Snail Bob 8


Snail Bob 8: island story is a fun puzzle game that you cannot miss out. Instead, you'll be leading Bob the snail to find his new home. His journey is an extremely dangerous one, with many traps on the way. Handle the obstacles and control this dude through all 20 levels, and he'll be at home again!

About the game:

  • About the developer and publisher

Snail Bob 8 is a fun puzzle game presented by Hunter Gamer Studio. The game, developed by Andrey Kovalishin, was such a huge success that he decided to make other seven sequels of it. This home finding game series has clearly become one of the hottest in the game market.

  • The game's plot is so cool

The story plot of this interesting game is all about Bob the snail. One nice day, he is making a delicious meal when he hears a huge knock. A terrifying machine is trying to knock down his home! Too small and weak to put up any resistance, our pal has to accept that he is now homeless. He needs a new place to live. So off he goes, optimistic about his future home.

  • Your role in this game

As you know, things never go as smoothly as you want it to be. His way is full of barriers, and it seems to have no end. Oftentimes, he bumps into annoying obstacles and such dreadful traps that even his big shell can't help. Your job is to interact with either Bob or the objects to make sure our friend reach the next destination safe and sound. If anything happens to Bob, or he gets lost and can't make it to the signpost, you'll fail. Then everything goes back to square one. So be careful.

  • The obstacles are not easy

What you'll be dealing with in this game is rather diverse. Anything can appear on the way to prevent Bob from his track. There might be some deadly pit, fire-blowing machines or ice blocks. You'll just never know. Temptation makes him lose his way, sometimes. Our Bob just can't resist following a beautiful girl on the way. And the result? Well, our friend not only can't reach the girl, but also end up in the wrong direction. In those cases, you are the one to save the day. Guide Bob to the destination, no matter what.

  • The great machinery

Good news for you, there is also plenty of items that will help Bob get through the obstacles. For instance, there is an elevator or even a… balloon to carry him to the higher places. To deal with the pits, you can use some wooden bars. There are many more to explore, for example, the bouncing boards. These are my favorites of all time because they can get you anywhere with a bounce! Check out all the machinery to see what's your favorite!

  • Pay attention to the Timing

As you're playing, you lose a point every second. Which means, you should make your moves as quickly as possible, or else you'll end up with no points at all. To be honest, these points don't really determine anything. However, who doesn't like the feeling of achieving the best, right? You can replay the level to improve your points, and now you'd all know the moves to make.

  • Many different maps

The game consists of 20 levels for you to play. You have to unlock level by level, and can always go back to the level map and replay your favorite rounds. Once you complete all of them, Snail Bob 8 will be at home again. Finally, Bob, joyfully entered his lovely, new residence. However, something unexpected happened… Play the sequel, Snail Bob 2 to find out! Moreover, if you're a fan of Snail Bob, this fun game series has up to 8 installments to check out! Isn't it amazing?

30 levels in Snail Bob 8

30 levels in Snail Bob 8

  • It's an HTML5 game

Yes, Snail Bob 8 is an HTML5 game and is powered by flash technology. On most modern computers, this game can be played fluidly. Which means, you can enjoy this game with your browser anywhere, at any time. How cool is it?

Snail Bob 8 Unblocked:

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How to play?

  • This game operation is extremely easy to master. Firstly, look on the screen to check out the spots that have a white circle around it. Those are the places that you can interact with.
  • The game will do the moving for you. If you want Bob to stop, click him with your mouse.
  • Do you see the speed control buttons on the upper left corner? Good. That's where you can customize Bob's speed. Click on the ×2 icon to increase his speed and ×1 to do the opposite thing. You can also use 1 and 2 number buttons on your keyboard.

Tips and tricks:

  • You can only interact with circled objects, the game control icons, and Bob. Clicking other places will end up in vain.
  • At the beginning of a stage, stop Bob and try to discover what's in the level. Find out how things work and make the best strategies for you.
  • Be careful when you increase Bob's speed. When you go too fast, it's much harder to control your move. I reckon to increase the speed only when you've handled all the obstacles, and all Bob needs to do is to go to the finishing line. However, if you dare, try to increase the speed and see if you can succeed!

How to beat?

  • Hmm, I would like to say that mastering this game is no easy job. Firstly, you need good observation skills. Taking a good look at the whole picture let you know what you will be dealing with, hence create the right strategies. This job might need some practice, so don't be discouraged. Next, sharpen your thinking skills to handle the obstacles in the scene. Remember to use all the objects available. And try various ways if necessary. Last but not least, do it as fast as possible, because time is your gold in this game. I wish you the best of luck!

Snail Bob 8 Walkthrough