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Snail Bob 7

About the game:

Snail Bob 7 is an exciting and platform explorer game, released by OrangeGames. In this game, Bob's character, too fond of the strange fairy tales, is lost in a dream. He had to explore the mysterious lands in the body of a snail.

This game has straightforward control. You need to use the mouse and click on the buttons displayed on the screen, such as turning the head, accelerating, or port opening buttons. You need to go through gates and challenges to get to the next round. There is a total of 30 game levels, at each level, you can collect up to 3 stars if you overcome the challenge quickly and adequately.

You will have all 90 stars to conquer. Each round will have different ways to move, how to overcome challenges, so you need to study carefully. Are you ready to conquer Bob's mystery stories? Let's join with us now!

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How to play:

Use the mouse to control the snail

Snail Bob 7 - How to play

Control of Snail Bob 7

Tips and tricks:

  • On the screen, there will be instructions for the next steps for you, be careful
  • Bob will always move so don't miss any step

Snail Bob 7 Walkthrough