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Snail Bob 5

About game:

Snail Bob 5 is the fifth installment in the Snail Bob’s game series. This Platform, Adventure, Funny, Free and Snail video game centers on the Adventure of Snail Bob, who is finding the way leading to his true love. The pilot of this video game marks out a milestone in the life cycle of Snail Bob, from the beginning of the entire Snail Bob’s game series. Snail Bob needs your help, as he can do nothing but moving forward.

You can see that in every level of Snail Bob 5, the game brings in multiple obstacles. Sometimes, Snail Bob will have to face a hive that contains poisonous bees inside or a deadly plant that wears him out. What can you help Snail Bob in those situations? As a player, who takes control of the game using a second-person perspective, you can make an impact on the surroundings of Snail Bob, such as activating a machine or repeatedly pressing a specified button. Don’t you know that those clueless actions can actually save Snail Bob’s life? Well, it is true.

Snail Bob is quite innocent, which means he does not know much about the dangers he is going to face up. You will have the chances not only to save Snail Bob’s life but also to increase the sensitivity of your reflex. Snail Bob 5 is not only the growth of the story in Snail Bob 4, but it is also a video game that can bring you both fun and useful skills for facing dangers. Come and play Snail Bob 5 now!

Snail Bob 5 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the mouse cursor to rule the surroundings.

Use the space bar to stop Snail Bob.

Snail Bob 5 - How to play

Control of Snail Bob 5

Tips and tricks:

The game offers you a walkthrough video, if you are stuck, watch it.

The game screen is activated/deactivated when you click on it/ click on the outside of it.

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Snail Bob 5 Walkthrough