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Snail Bob


Welcome to Snail Bob which is developed by Andrey Kovalishin and published by Hunter Hamster Studio. This is a fun and exciting arcade and puzzle video game. In this game, you control Bob, a snail. You become a homeless snail because a construction company destroyed your home and threw you to a strange place. Your mission is to help Bob overcome the complicated terrain of the 20 levels in the game and find a new home for him.

About game:

Snail Bob (or you can call it “snail bob: finding home”) is an interesting physics puzzle game. Bob is living happily in a small house. But a construction company destroyed his house. Now, you have to help Bob overcome obstacles along the way and find a new home. What's interesting in this game is that you can interact with many different objects on the screen to help Bob move forward. You can press the control button to move the lever or turn the wheel to prevent Bob from having a fatal accident. You can click on Bob to make him move and click again to stop him. If you are a newbie, you will find that the game is quite easy at the first levels. However, you will feel the challenge from higher levels. They are not difficult to overcome but you have to think long enough to find solutions to these physics puzzles.

Snail Bob Unblocked has a total of 20 different levels. In each level, you face complex terrain and various traps. Of course, there will be useful objects to support you in each map. Note that there are levels that will require Bob to move faster than usual to overcome a special obstacle. If you see a star, collect it as soon as you can because it proves your ability to solve the puzzles of Snail Bob. Some stars will be hidden behind a certain object, some will be visible along the way, and some will disappear after a certain amount of time (this is the reason I say that you should move quickly in some necessary cases). However, if you can't collect all the stars, don't worry too much because you can go back to the completed levels to find the stars again.

Bob can speed up. This is one of the coolest features in the game and it is very helpful to help Bob through difficult situations! In some cases, you need to make Bob move faster to overcome the obstacles ahead. However, if you recognize a mistake, you can always click on Bob to stop him and think about the next step in your strategy. You can completely destroy some objects or remove them to search for stars in the map. But the most important goal in this game is to help Bob move to the destination position safely in the shortest time. I recommend that you need to complete the level as fast as you can because you only have 300 points in each level and this point will decrease.

The graphics of Snail Bob Unblocked are very cute. Maps in the game bring a sense of closeness and no stress when playing games for a long time. Moreover, the sound system will bring excitement to you. The puzzles in Snail Bob Unblocked are all related to physical factors. These puzzles are not too difficult, but you have to repeat a few times to complete the higher levels. The difficulty level of this game is suitable for children (in the first levels) and they will need adult support in the next levels. The game has no violent elements. This means you can fully experience the game with your children during the weekends. It will be happy times for your family.

Bob is a snail, and you will also feel that the game has a slow pace. The speed of the game is "moderate" and you have enough time to think about solving its puzzles. You can use a giant magnet to help Bob reach the target position, or you can blast the balloons to help Bob out of danger. Because Bob is in a construction site, you will have to cross the terrain including radioactive, lava paths, and wiring ... In some levels, you will have to pull the levers to create a new path and remove barriers for Bob... The game gives you real joy. Every time I finish a level, I feel happy. It doesn't take too much time for you to solve a puzzle. However, it brings happiness to you.

And if you don't know, I would like to reveal that there are a total of 8 seasons in this Snail Bob Unblocked series. Each season contains from 20 to 30 levels. Snail Bob 1 has 20 levels, Snail Bob 2 has 25 levels, Snail Bob 3 has 25 levels, Snail Bob 4 has 30 levels, Snail Bob 5: Love Story has 25 levels, Snail Bob 6: Winter Story has 25 levels, Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story has 30 levels and Snail Bob 8: Island Story has 30 levels. Each season has different maps and they are always fun for you. Whether it's a difficult level or an easy level, I remind you that your mission is to help Bob move to the destination safely in the shortest time. In case you want to prove that you are a pro player, collect all the stars in each map. Good luck and have fun!

Snail Bob Unblocked:

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How to play:

In this adobe flash game, you can control Bob and interact with objects on the map by the mouse.

Tips and tricks:

  • When the game starts, you have 300 points and this point will decrease. You can earn bonus points by collecting stars in the map.
  • Use the acceleration button effectively and stop Bob if he is too close to a danger.
  • If you don't know how to pass an obstacle, click on the Walkthrough video button.
  • Play a level several times to collect all its stars. Don't forget that you can play an unlocked level as many times as you like.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to beat the game?

First, you must observe the map carefully. Second, you have to click and check the movement of all objects in the map. If you fail, don't worry because you can play again. Third, you must think about the steps to complete the level based on the objects you can interact with. Fourth, collect stars as soon as you can. Fifth, view the walkthrough clip if you cannot pass a level.


Snail Bob Walkthrough