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Slime Laboratory 2

About game:

Slime Laboratory 2 is a video game about the adventure of a Slime through various stages of the laboratory where he lives in. This Platform, Adventure, and Slime video game is the second chapter of the video game Slime Laboratory. Following the success of the original version, Slime Laboratory 2 was created to help the protagonist Slime keep on with his incredible journey.

Now in Slime Laboratory 2, there are tons of updates that you can see. First thing first, we can see that the protagonist falls from the sky into the laboratory; he is also a little bit more flexible and easier to control the game, as usual, allows its player to discover the laboratory through a second person perspective. You are free to travel around the game world of Slime Laboratory 2, within the scope of each stage. The Slime is supposed to eat all the soft disks he sees on his way.

The more soft discs the Slime eat, the more points you earn. Slime Laboratory brings in deadly obstacles such as the electric lines, X-ray and more. Once the Slime interacts with those obstacles, there is nothing that can bring him back to life. The game opens up more method to extend the discovery of the Slime. As you come to play Slime Laboratory 2, you will see that there is nothing impossible in its game world. Let’s start this game now!

Slime Laboratory 2 Unblocked:

As you desire, Slime Laboratory 2 Unblocked is now a part of’s treasure. If you want to accomplish the adventure of your favorite Slime, you should get to to do it. Have fun!

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to control the Slime.
  • Press the computer mouse to choose the options you want.

Slime Laboratory 2 - How to play

Control of Slime Laboratory 2

Tips and tricks:

  • You need to catch the instructions alongside your way while you are experiencing the game.
  • Try to make the Slime fit in with where you are going through.

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Slime Laboratory 2 Walkthrough