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Slime Laboratory

About game:

Imagine when you were born a Slime, a soft, cute, and flexible creature. In Slime Laboratory, that imagination is not something unbelievable because you will take the role of a green mini Slime. The pilot of the story in Slime Laboratory focuses on the Adventure of a Slime which is trying to make its way through all the challenges within a laboratory.

As you can see, the game starts with its protagonist standing on the floor, right under him is the check red spot, which marks out the starting point of every chapter in the gameplay. Don’t worry if the game world seems a bit strange to you. As you are a newborn Slime, you need to explore the entire laboratory on your own. Slime Laboratory teaches you at every step of your playtime. Your Slime can move forward, backward, jump, and even make himself smaller. The game offers a wide range of obstacles, which leads to a vast amount of challenges you will have to face. You have to find ways to make your Slime gain in size, but also have to help him whenever he must go through a tight place.

The graphics of Slime Laboratory is quite classical with the appearance of a .bit game world. As you listen to the soundtracks from the game, especially the theme song, you will catch the exact feelings of the old days when you were just a kid throwing coins to the arcade game machines. Slime Laboratory is quite exciting even for the people who hate Slime. You should probably discharge yourself from work a little and get to play Slime Laboratory now! Have fun! 

Slime Laboratory Unblocked:

Do you want to finish all the levels of Slime Laboratory Unblocked? If you do, then let’s make the most out of your Slime in Slime Laboratory Unblocked at now!

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How to play:

  • Press the arrow keys to move the Slime.
  • To make your Slime slick, press the Down key.

Slime Laboratory - How to play

Control of Slime Laboratory

Tips and tricks:

  • If you stretch your Slime too much, it will explode.
  • You will need to watch a walkthrough video if you wonder about the stages you are up to.

Slime Laboratory is a good game to play and enjoy in free time. Besides that, you also can try other games such as Vex or Code Red. All of them are so great for relaxing.

Slime Laboratory Walkthrough