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Sky Island

About game:

If you are looking for a unique Adventure video game to play this weekend, you should think of Sky Island. This video game owns a simple name which describes most of its characteristics, but not everything. In Sky Island, your task is collecting stars and defeating enemies in each level.

The game takes place on an island up in the sky, which explains why you see clouds instead of trees as usual in most of the Adventure game. Besides, Sky Island brings in a different kind of gameplay, in which you can stretch the screen and change the game perspective. The change of view allows you to advance in various ways since the 2D world of Sky Island is modified. After you stretch the screen, you will be able to reach places and touch things that you can’t when you are using the former perspective.

Sky Island counts the stars you have collected in each level to give you a goal. You also need to run against the timing system, as you only have some minutes for each level. The numbers of stars and seconds you have left will play significant roles when the game calculates your score. Sky Island offers you beautiful graphics and exciting in-game music. You will love this video game as you advance in it! Check up on Sky Island now!

Sky Island Unblocked:

Sky Island Unblocked is at You can come to and play Sky Island Unblocked as many times as your desire. is also the right place for everyone who loves playing video games to go and have fun!

How to play:

Move your character with the arrow keys.
Press Space bar to continue.

Sky Island - How to play

Control of Sky Island

Tips and tricks:

You should not forget to read all the instructions you see through the direction signs. In case you miss a guideline, you should get back to its direction signs and reread it.
You will lose all three lives if you fall out of the abyss.

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Sky Island Walkthrough