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Silly Sausage

About game:

Silly Sausage is not a video game about the human’s favorite processed food. Silly Sausage is the name of the dog character in the video game. If you have known about Silly Sausage in Meat Land, then you must understand about Silly Sausage.

On entering the game, you will see how beautiful and vintage this Platform video game is, as it serves the exact graphics and sounds from the past. In Silly Sausage, you will have to control an adorable dog who can extend his body and reach to the places around the screen easily. The game goal is to collect all the gems in every stage. Even when that mission sounds like an easy one, it is not hard to point out that you cannot make through any level as quick as you think.

Why? Because there will be tons of obstacles in each level of Silly Sausage such as the knight ball, electric ray and more. All those obstacles ensure that you are not going to achieve what you want quickly, as they try to stop you at all costs. As you reach challenging levels such as 21, 48, and 22, you will see how crazy the difficulty of this Platform, Adventure, and Online game can be. Do you think that you can conquer Silly Sausage’s challenges? Let’s make the most out of your gameplay now and shake the playground of Silly Sausage hard!

Silly Sausage Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to control Silly Sausage.

Silly Sausage - How to play

Control of Silly Sausage

Tips and tricks:

You have three lives, and the heart icons are refilled when a new level kicks in.
Watch the obstacles before you make a move, or else, you will lose the game sooner than you think.

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Silly Sausage Walkthrough