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About game:

Welcome to Shrooms, a cool action and adventure video game which is developed by SeethingSwarm. Via this game, you have the opportunity to participate in exciting adventures in mysterious kingdoms. When the game starts, you control a boy and you have 3 choices: Purple Mushrooms, Orange Mushrooms, and Pink Mushrooms. Each mushroom will take you to a strange world where you have to jump or move skillfully to dodge different types of strange enemies.

If you choose Purple Mushroom, you will turn into an alien and you will have to overcome strange creatures in a kingdom that has giant mushrooms. On the way, you will see silver stars. Pick up stars to get bonus lives. Your ultimate goal is to run to the destination safely. But if you pay attention, you'll find that every world has spy pets. Let's collect all these spy pets in each world!

With simple 2D graphics, interesting gameplay, and cool sound, I believe you will like Shrooms. Although this game has many strange elements, it will help you to have special experiences about the worlds that you can only meet in dreams. It's time to enter the game and check my introduction. Have fun!

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How to play:     

Use arrow keys to move, P or Esc to pause and bring up the menu.

Shrooms - How to play

Control of shrooms

Tips and tricks:

Each strange creature has different skills and you need to observe to understand them.

Dodge any object you don't know along the way and collect as many silver stars as possible.