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About the game:

Shifter is an exciting and engaging strategy game. When participating in this game, you will control the character to overcome obstacles and find the exit door. The special point is that the context of the game will be designed in different arrays, and you can change the position of these pieces to create a suitable path to help the character quickly reach the door.

There will be at least four - up to 6 pieces in each level. At low levels, the difficulty of the game will be softer with four parts. Gradually, when you get used to the game, the level of difficulty will be enhanced with six sections. There are 19 levels for you to explore and conquer.

This game requires logical thinking ability and arrangement of parts in a reasonable way to create the fastest path to help all characters conquer the levels. The context of the game is designed in a fun cartoon style, and the sound is also very attractive. Let's play and experience!

Shifter Unblocked:

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How to play:

In this game, you will have two modes of movement: firstly, you need to move the character; secondly, you need to move the position of the puzzle pieces. You need to use the arrow keys to move the character and use spaces to change the modes of movement.

Shifter - How to play

Control of Shifter

Tips and Tricks:

  • Observe the obstacles in each puzzle piece carefully to find the best tactic to arrange the parts appropriately and help the character quickly go to the door.
  • Please be patient and practice before playing back to be familiar with game manipulation and quickly conquer all levels!

Shifter Walkthrough