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Shift 4

About game:

A famous platform game series in the gaming community, this is Shift. Recently, Shift has launched a completely new product into the market. Shift 4 is the successor to Shift 3 with some new features and possibilities.

Your goal in this version is the same as the previous one, you have to strive to get the keys and unlock the doors. Use your keen knowledge of gaming and dexterity to make your way to the doors at the end of the period while avoiding spikes. Remember that some of the keys do not open all of the doors!

Shift 4 is a good choice to immerse yourselves into exciting adventures and release from all daily stress. Not only that, it plays an important part in developing your concentration, critical thinking skills and flexibility. Experience it now!

Shift 4 Unblocked:

You can easily find and play Shift 4 Unblocked at directly in your browser for nothing. is a website consisting of a variety of free video games that you can play every time and everywhere you want. Besides, fast transmission line and eye-catching interface are also the factors which make it worth trying.

How to play:

Run with Left and Right arrow keys; enter the door with up arrow key; use Space Bar to jump; and press “shift” to rotate the screen.

Shift 4 - How to play

Control of Shift 4

Tips and tricks:

Be patient. It takes time to reach the doors.

Be careful with your steps try to keep away from spikes as possible as you can.

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Shift 4 Walkthrough