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Shift 3

About game:

Shift is a popular platform game series. The third update of this fascinating series named Shift 3 has just been released with a wide range of new functions. This version has a special concept which is about space.

Your task in each set of this game is to overcome challenges given and to reach the door at the end of the period. To win easily, you have to base on your intelligence and flexibility by considering carefully to find out the best way. Through the path, there are necessary items you need to find and collect, you can also turn it upside-down to follow your way.

Playing Shift 3 can boost your concentration, logical thinking and acumen for sure. Moreover, its simple interface and cool sound also make you immerse yourself in it and release from everyday stress.

Shift 3 Unblocked:

You can find and play Shift 3 Unblocked free of charge at on your browser. is a website whose interface is quite good-looking and friendly. In addition, there are also a large number of useful walkthroughs that help players access games easily. Try it now!

How to play:

Use the arrow keys for movements; Space Bar to jump; press “Shift” to shift from black to white or, conversely; “P” to back to the Pause Menu.

Tips and tricks:

Be patient. You need to practice to get used to this game!

Observe carefully and you can discover the best direction.

We can't deny that Shift 3 is really an excellent game. However, in addition to it, The Floor is LavaShift 2 and Shift 4 are also excellent names.

Shift 3 Walkthrough