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Shift 2

About game: 

Shift 2 is a great platform game developed by Armor Games. In this puzzle game, you have just won a trophy, but your trophy is hidden in a room. You have to find precisely the room that has your award inside.

Your target is reaching a door to enter the room. Sometimes you need to find a key to open the door. Sometimes you have to collect lightbulbs to remove the checked area. Of course, there will be many obstacles on your way.

Shift 2 has a simple graphical interface with just two colors, black and white, and good music which help you focus — powered by Flash to bring you a fast, smooth experience in any browser you use. Sit back and embark on finding your trophy now!

Shift 2 unblocked :

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How to play :

  • Use A, and D keys or Right, and Left arrow keys to move.
  • Use Space key to jump.
  • Use Shift key to turn the screen upside down.
  • Use P key to turn off the music.

Shift 2 - How to play

Control of Shift 2

Tips and tricks :

  • Pay your attention to the tutorial. It’s really helpful.
  • Imagine the way to move in your head before you start.  
  • Remember some keys don't open all door.

Shift 2 Walkthrough