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About this game:

Welcome to the world of simplicity and challenge! This game – Shanty – is a really well-made platform game. Your mission is to find creatures that look the same as your character. Sounds easy, huh? But there are plenty of traps along the way to get your subordinates: smiling gray faces, spears, etc. In some stages, you are even chased by those smiling gray faces, which made the game more intense for you.

Why do I say “simplicity”? It is true because the game’s design is pretty simple, with light color wood bars act as walls, and dark color wood bars act as ways you can go. The “simple” word can also be used to describe blockages, since even a 5 years old child can draw them.

So, how about “challenge”? This is best to talk about the movement of those blocks, and the patience you need in this game. Since your aim is to finish those stages as quick as possible, they will be your “real blockage”!

Shanty Unblocked:

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How to play:

Arrows left and right are used to move; Up arrow will help your character jump; Space to restart; Q to quit; Down arrow to contact with your same type.

Shanty - How to play

Control of Shanty

Tips and tricks:

  • The longer you hold the Up arrow, the higher your character jumps.
  • If you hate failing too many times, skip the part of collecting mushrooms.