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About game:

Remember the science fiction movies you saw when you were little kids about the magical worlds? Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to travel among different kinds of worlds? In the Platform, Adventure, Supernatural and Science Fiction video game Saturated, you will become an unbelievable traveller, whose mission is going from a world to another to find the exit gate.

Based on the color-changing element, Saturated makes up a game environment that only the people with incredible creativeness could think of. The game seems like a regular Adventure video game until you have got to reach some sorts of spinning colored balls. Once you touch these balls, the world which that ball represents will appear right in front of you. For example, if you touch a green ball, the environment around you turns into a different one, just like you have just stepped into a whole new world.

The difference among these worlds makes it easier for you to advance, as you will have the chance to reach new elements that support you on your journey. Each world in Saturated has a different environment with markable characteristics. However, your final mission is getting to the exit gate, which brings you to the next level of the game. As you advance, you will have chances to face new challenges that make it more difficult to finish one level. Let’s have some fun with Saturated until you cannot advance further in this video game!

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How to play:

Use the W/A/S/D buttons or replace them with the Arrow keys to move.

Saturated - How to play

Control of Saturated

Tips and tricks:

  • You can use both hands to play Saturated, such as using your left hand to control A/W/S/D buttons and your right hand to control the arrow keys.
  • You have got to learn self-tip while you are experiencing Saturated if you want to progress further and not to be stuck at any place around the game worlds.

Saturated Walkthrough