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About game:

If you are a big fan of video games, Salem will certainly be familiar with you. Salem, which is created and developed by Tarienn, is a very prevalent adventure and action game in the gaming community.

Salem is famous for its attractive and unique storyline. In this game, you arrive in a large city which is named Salem, and there is an event of great evil this night. You play as a demon hunter, and your mission is to stop it and to free this once peaceful city from an ancient evil. Are you courage and brave enough to overcome challenges given?

Salem ensures to deliver on a distinctive sensation that you’ve never been through before. It is definitely appropriate for those who look for new experiences with splendid visual and sound effects. Besides, this game mainly focuses on dexterity and flexibility, so this also helps you boost your skills.

Salem Unblocked:

You can play Salem Unblocked for nothing at, every time and everywhere. is a secure and friendly website which does not block any software. On this website, apart from Salem, there is quite a mixed variety of exciting games for you to get entertainment.

How to play:

Use WASD keys to move, jump, and crouch; mouse for fire crossbow and lantern time; ‘ESC’ key or ‘P’ to pause.

Salem - How to play

Control of Salem

Tips and tricks:

  1. Be patient and you will win rapidly.
  2. Be sensitive to birds that may hurt you.

Thousands of gamers on Hudgames have voted for Salem to be one of the most addictive game. Three other names that are also adored include Prince of PersiaAcid Bunny 2 and Will.