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Runner 2

About game:

Runner 2 takes place in a 2D game world, in which you are going to meet a special critter named Runner. In Runner 2, Runner goes on an Adventure through lands and hills. As the wingman of  Runner, you will have to help him to collect all the coins along his way, as well as avoid the spikes.

As a natural rule, once Runner touches the sharp spikes, he will die. Runner 2 offers the player a set of different levels. However, you are not going to face any challenging stage at the beginning of the game. Instead, Runner 2 enables the player to get to learn about what he has to deal with if he carries on with the Adventure of Runner. In the field of a Platform, Adventure and Running video game, Runner 2 has accomplished its mission of serving the addictive gameplay that we expect.

Even better, the game brings back the classic graphics, the same as what we can see in the video games from the old days. After finishing playing Runner 2, you will wish this video game to have the further versions so you can enjoy the later stories of Runner. Now, let’s start up your game progress with Runner, and see how far you can advance in this video game. Let’s go!

Runner 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to control Runner.

Runner 2 - How to play

Control of Runner 2

Tips and tricks:

  • You should see a walkthrough video to smooth your game flow.
  • If you are facing poor Internet connection, consider low down the graphic’s quality.

Thousands of gamers on Hudgames have voted for Runner 2 to be one of the most addictive game. Three other names that are also adored include Run, Run 3 and Run Ninja Run.

Runner 2 Walkthrough