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Run Ninja Run

About game:

Run Ninja Run is a Platform, Run, Adventure and Ninja video game. The story has it that a long time ago, a brave Ninja was captured in the middle of his enemy's village. The beginning of the game opens up with the Ninja unlocked himself and run away, and that is when the entire Adventure starts. From here, you will be able to control the Ninja and explore the dark game world of Run Ninja Run. The game has several levels for you to conquer. The smaller the number of the level is, the easier it is for you to surpass that level.

At the first level of Run Ninja Run, you will be facing only uncompetitive challenges. Also, at this level, the game gives you useful instructions, and you have to follow them at all costs. Run Ninja Run supports the performance of the player by allowing him to buy Upgrades in the game shop after each time he finishes one level, but how to purchase Upgrades? The game requires the player to collect pieces of gold while he is traveling, and that’s what helps the player get the equipment he wants in the shop.

Run Ninja Run is an incredible video game for everyone at any age to try. The game can satisfy all the requirements from any kinds of players, as it is the perfect mixture of several addictive elements. You will love to explore Run Ninja Run soon. Check it out!

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How to play:

  • Use the Up button to make the Ninja jump up.
  • Use the Down button to make the Ninja slide.
  • Use the Space button to make the Ninja attack enemies.

Run Ninja Run - How to play

Control of Run Ninja Run

Tips and tricks:

You need to upgrade the skills of the Ninja as soon as you can.

You should only let the Ninja jump/slide when he has to.

Run Ninja Run Walkthrough