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Run n Gun

About game:

Run N Gun is a funny Platform, Gun, Shooter, and Run video game. Looking at the title of the game, you may have noticed that this video game is all about shooting and running. Your sense is right since, in the game world of Run N Gun, your mission is running through the incremental grounds and use your Gun to protect yourself, as well as fight off the obstacles.

The game sets in the futuristic world, where war is something that is close to anyone’s life. At that age of the earth, we can see robots among humans, and your character is also a half human, as the rest of his body is fully loaded with machines and weapons. As you can see, fire obstacles are falling down the sky, once they touch you, you cannot take your health back. To prevent yourself from being injured to death, you need to ensure that your shots are able to eliminate all the obstacles before they are able to reach you.

Can you handle the entire progress of Run N Gun? We all know that it will be unbelievably challenging, but if you try not to give up, the sweet result at the end of the game is yours. Run N Gun rewards you with scores based on different elements such as Distance and Boss Bonus. You can also submit your score if you think you have got flying colors. Now, let’s make the most out of your gameplay at Run N Gun! Good Luck!

Run N Gun Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the A, W, S, D/ arrow buttons to move.

Use the computer mouse to aim, then click to shoot.

Press the P button to pause the game.

Run n Gun - How to play

Control of Run n Gun

Tips and tricks:

The further you advance in Run N Gun, the higher score you earn.

Make a complication of jumping and moving forward to create a more effective movement.

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