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Run 3


Welcome back to Run 3 which is developed by Joseph Cloutier (Player 03) and published by Kongregate. This is a great running and fast-paced video game. In this game, you control a cute character and run from the Stars to a big planet in the vast galaxy. He looks like a rabbit and he got lost. Along the way, you have to move smartly to dodge deep pools and deadly obstacles. Run 3 is the first game of this series to have a cool storyline, told by cutscenes. Each time you complete a level, your journey will get closer to the planet. Can you help the cute character return to his planet? Help me learn about the ending of this exciting game! Try it now!

About game:

In Run 3, your character (an alien) can turn left, right and jump. And the unique point of the game is that you can even switch to other lanes to run. You leave the planet to explore the universe but when you return, your planet has disappeared. Now, you have to find your way back to your house. There is a map of the game that you must conquer. Run 3 has an interesting storyline. Each time you complete a level, you will see cutscenes. You can also learn more about the storyline of the game by clicking on the galaxy map.

The video game “Run 3” was first released on June 5, 2014, which gives you 10 new characters and Runner as the default character. Of course, you need to complete certain tasks to unlock the remaining characters. Besides, the game also introduces Shop, where you can buy all characters with Power Cells. Remember that each character has its own personality and abilities. You should read their information before making a purchase decision.

This game has many levels and most of them will take place in a tunnel (in the universe). There are many new features added in Run 3. These are challenges like rubble, ramps, shadows and more. Have I mentioned Power Cells yet? You can see Power Cells on the way and you can collect them. Of course, this is a rare item in the game and they are always in difficult positions, even dangerous.

In Run 3, you can play in two main modes: Explore Mode and Infinite Mode. Galaxy map is the center of the game. It tells you that this game has more than 300 levels to conquer. At first, the Galaxy map will appear and it is almost empty. However, you will still recognize small dots, which are stars and a large planet (your home planet). After completing the levels, small dots will appear more and they will connect with each other like the progress you have completed. Note that the character's speed will change according to each level.

Tunnel in Run 3 game is the long tube. They are made from bricks and they connect to your home planet. Explore Mode is the place where you will play the most in this game. Through this mode, you can complete missions and unlock new skins as well as new characters. There are about 309 levels in Explore Mode, including 65 main tunnels, more than 20 sub-tunnels, and two mini-games.

Infinite Mode is where you will run continuously. Each time you complete a level, the system will display a text to notify you. However, you will have no time to rest. You will have to run and run forever until you die. Your goal in this mode is to complete as many levels as you can. If you don't know, Infinite Mode is also a useful tool. Why do I call it a useful tool? Because it is where you will collect Power Cells - the rare item in this game. Yes, there are many Power Cells in this mode. You can collect them unlimited! If you want to unlock all characters with Power Cells, think of Infinite Mode first!

Although you can earn Power Cells in Infinite Mode, it is also a reward every time you accomplish an achievement. You can also use some special characters and play in Explore Mode to collect these rare in-game items. With Power Cells, you can buy any character you want in the Shop. And as I said above, you should learn more about each character's skills before you want to buy something.

In addition, the achievement system in Run 3 also has a link to Power Cells. For example: To complete the "Tetrahedron Enthusiast" achievement, you must collect 40 Power Cells in one turn. Or with the "Electrophobia" achievement, you have to run a distance of 512m without collecting any Power Cell!

To complete a level in this game, you have to move smartly, choose safe lanes, and timing accurately when you jump. Sometimes, you will find that this is a hell lane but next to it is a paradise lane. For gaps where you cannot jump to pass, the only way to survive is to change the lane. I think this free online game is interesting and worth a try.

One more thing: You should play Run 3 with full screen game mode and turn on the sound to enjoy its soundtrack (music). If you can't pass a tunnel, take a look at our video walkthrough. Wait, maybe this game has some easter eggs. Let's play and try to discover them. Have a good day!

Run 3 Unblocked:

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How to play:

You can use the Left and Right arrow keys to turn left and turn right. Press the Up arrow key to jump up.

Run 3 - How to play

Control of Run 3 Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • When you want to cross a gap, changing the lane is the smartest way.
  • When the gap is quite narrow, you can cross it without jump.
  • Try to collect Power Cells to unlock new characters. These characters have different characteristics, typically high jumping and running at high speed. Think about your ability to choose the most suitable character.
  • Complete level 3 and you can unlock the Shop.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to pass run 3 unblocked?

Each level has a destination and you need to run to this destination to complete it. Complete the final level and you can win the game.

How many levels?

There are about 309 levels in this game for you to conquer!

How to unlock characters in run 3 unblocked?

There are 8 locked characters in this game. You can complete the missions to unlock them. The second way to unlock characters in Run 3 is Power Cells. Use these Power Cells to buy new characters in the Shop!

Run 3 Walkthrough