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Run 2

About the Game:

Run 2 Unblocked is the 2nd installment of the Run Trilogy video games, this is a 3D Platform game that compatible with all modern browsers because it was developed using Flash technology and totally play-free at In this game, you will begin the journey into a world of the endless Tunnel, falling tiles in the outer space, travel under the stars and beyond. The special thing about this Running game is that you will not only able to jump to avoid obstacles on your way but also able to run into the walls in 360 degrees like a ninja. The tunnel in this game has 4 surfaces and you could run into any face of it due to the special ability of the main character.

Let’s try to beat as many levels as you could in order to unlock all-new characters with other unique powers, including The Gentleman, The Lizard, The Skater, and many more. The gameplay of Run 2 Unblocked is suitable for all ages, especially for kids to interact with 3D objects in order to develop their imagination and reflexibility in the 3D world.

Did you know that alongside the web browsers, you could enjoy playing Run 2 Unblocked on your mobile devices via Google Play and Apple Store too? Time to play it now!

Run 2 Unblocked:

Run 2 Unblocked is an online game that you could play anywhere in any devices that connected to the internet. With, there is nothing can stop you from playing this game even at school or office environment.

How to play:     

Use the Arrow Keys to control the direction of your character.

Hit Spacebar to perform a Jump.

Run 2 - How to play

Control of Run 2

Tips and tricks:

If there are so many holes on the current surface, try to run into the wall to change to other surfaces.

There are 03 different modes in Run 2 Unblocked including Adventure Mode, Infinity Mode, and Edit Mode.

In a long list of video games on Hudgames, Run 2 is a prominent name. This game attracts thousands of gamers from around the world by its simple but addictive gameplay. In addition to it, three other names that are also prominent equally are RunRun 3 and Run N Gun. All of them are strongly recommended by the editor team of Hudgames.