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About game:

Run is an Indie, Platform, Alien and Run video game developed by Joseph Cloutier. This video game is also known as Run 1, the game title that has been an explosive topic throughout the Internet since it was released. The video game development has finally witnessed one of the most exciting video games of all time, as Run is here to slay your play time all day and night!

In the gameplay of Run, you will take the role of an Alien animal, who looks mostly like a Space Rabbit. Anyway, the main point of Run is helping the Alien animal run through the 4-Dimension Tunnel. The game offers three different modes, two of them can take the player to the playground immediately, while the other one allows the player to create his Tunnel. The gameplay of Run requires the player to survive the square-shaped windows of and endless Tunnel. If you fall out from one window, you will have the chance to meet the Space, as well as end your play time.

The game comes with a lot of different settings, from modifying the Difficulty to the quality. You will be amazed at how incredibly smooth the movements of the Alien animal in the game are. Everything is well delivered in this video game Run, as you ready to explore them all? Let’s get to Run and kick off your Adventure now!

Run Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the Space bar to jump.

Press the Arrow keys to manage the Alien animal’s direction.

Run - How to play

Control of "Run"

Tips and tricks:

You should keep the level of Difficulty around 20% if you are a beginner.

The music/sound of the game make your gaming experience better, if you don’t have to, then don’t go for Mute mode.