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Rolling Sky


Welcome to Rolling Sky which is developed by Cheetah Games. This is a cool and challenge physics distance online video game. The game was first announced on January 20, 2016. In this game, you control the balls and try to avoid obstacles along the way to run to the destination safely. The speed of your ball will increase and the game will become more difficult over time. On April 12, 2019, Rolling Sky also has a version for Nintendo Switch devices. This version is developed by Rising Win Tech and Cheetah Mobile.

About game:

In this video game for PC, Ball is the only object you can use. You need to move the Ball logically to avoid obstacles along the way and complete the level. There are many different levels in the game. Through the levels, you can change the color of the ball by completing certain conditions. Note that the speed of the ball can change and you must be ready to handle it skillfully in difficult situations.

Usually, balls will roll more slowly at lower levels and they will roll faster at higher levels. When starting the game, the ball will roll automatically and you must move it left or right. Obstacles can be pillars that suddenly spring up or are a space where you have to change the lanes to avoid them (because this is the only way). Obstacles in this physics distance video game are very diverse. These include springs, pistons, small trees, big trees, and moving floors. To overcome complex terrain, you must move skillfully and quickly. Timing is a very important factor to pass a level in Rolling Sky.

When you play at higher levels, you will face more difficult obstacles or variations of old obstacles. For example, the piston has 2 variants and each piston has different characteristics. Note that some obstacles in level 10 have special skills different from other obstacles. They have interesting effects and you must work hard to get rid of them.

If you play in version 1.7.0, you will see the Winter feature. This is a bonus level for the "Winter Gift" event. There will be 15 snow flowers randomly appearing in the levels and you need to collect them to accumulate gifts. However, since the 1.7.2 update, this event is no longer available.

The character system of Rolling Sky is a plus. There are more than 12 different types of characters in the game. I will introduce you to 12 basic characters:

  • Normal. It is not Ball. Normal is a character that you can use as soon as you start the game. Normal has no special ability, because it is the first character you have and you don't take any effort to own it. However, Normal has an effect. When you touch an obstacle, it will explode and small pieces will scattered everywhere. When these small pieces fall, they will turn black until the music stops. I also remind you that you should open the sound when playing this game because its music is very good.
  • RS-001 is a cool character you can control in this game. Its appearance is very similar to a car.
  • Basketball is a cute character. Its appearance is similar to Normal, but it has a cartoon element. To unlock this character, you must collect 10 pieces from Ball, Shield and Leather Basketball. Basketball and RS-001 are two characters that you can try for free 3 times.
  • The Magic Pupil is the character that appears in Halloween. You will see it as an eye. When this character explodes, it will create small green pieces.
  • Trick Ball is the second character of Halloween, and you will see it has the appearance of a mummy. Trick Ball's skin color is black, but it is covered by many scrolls.
  • Voyager is a special character of the game. He gets lost and he appears in the game at the 23rd level. If you look closely at the screen, you will realize that Voyager does not roll, because he is flying. Voyager can't hold the Shield.
  • Voyager II (or you can call Alone-Ball), is the upgraded version of Voyager. To unlock this character, you must collect 300 pieces.
  • Snowball is the first character to appear in Christmas. It has an interesting appearance with black eyebrows, carrot nose, black eyes, and a smile made from small dots. Snowball stole the Santa hat and he wore it on his head. When you can fly, Snowball turns into a snowman and it flies on a skateboard. You need to collect snow flowers to unlock this character. Another way to own Snowball is to open the mysterious boxes "Winter" during the event time.
  • Supersonic looks like Voyager, but he has a horn.
  • Scarab is a character from Egypt. He has special skills: floating in the air. With this skill, you cannot fall in a 5-square radius.
  • Clown is a villain. It really has a skeleton inside the cute ball. If you control this character and touch the obstacle once, it will continue. But it has only one shield.
  • Football is a fun character in the game. It is white and yellow.
  • Pumpkin is an exclusive character from the Halloween event. There are 2 ways you can own this character: use 500 pieces or has rankings from 1 to 5 in the race. With this character, the chance of getting shield is 100%. The Pumpkin's shield will operate similarly to Trick Ball's shield.

Rolling Sky Unblocked:

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How to play:     

Use A /D or left / right arrow key to control the ball and overcome an obstacle.

Rolling Sky - How to play

Control of Rolling Sky Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

Level 10 introduced the new winter theme. You also need the keys to unlock.

When your Shield disappears, you cannot use Trick Ball and RS-001.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to beat Rolling Sky Unblocked?

Each level in this game has different challenges. Challenges come from complex terrain and sometimes they come from other factors such as wind or gravity. You only have one thing to care about: carefully read the suggestions of each level to know about its characteristics.

  • How do you reset progress?

In the Home screen, press the Install button. In the opened interface, you can change the language of the game, turn on or turn off the sounds. You can also reset the progress here!

  • How many levels?

There are 47 levels in this game. Some of them are hidden levels and you have to meet certain conditions to play them.

  • How to get crowns?

Crowns are special rare items in this game. Open the Mystery Boxes and if you are lucky, you will have it!

Rolling Sky Walkthrough