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Rogue Soul 2

About the Game:

Following the success of Rogue Soul, Rogue Soul 2 Unblocked is one of the best Platform game that you could play for free and it compatibles with all modern browsers because of Flash technology. It this game, the player will become a Robinhood in the jungle who fights with enemies to set free for prisoners and collecting treasures.

The special thing about Rogue Soul 2 Unblocked is whenever you hit the Restart button, you won’t be able to play back the previous level because the level will be changed randomly to keep you surprised. In every level, you will always have to be in front of the screen and keep on running, together with that is to fight against various types of enemy and bosses. If you’re moving too slow, you might end up dead without realizing what just happened. By the way, do remember to keep an eye out for flowers because if you could deliver them to the maiden, she will reward you with rare items for you to power-up.

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How to play:     

  • Control your character movements with A, S, D, W or Arrow keys.
  • Press K or Z to perform a Slide.
  • Press J or X to throw weapons.

Rogue Soul 2 - How to play

Control of Rogue Soul 2

Tips and tricks:

  • Try to collect as much gold as possible in order to upgrade skills or buying rare items from the Black market.
  • Collect Stars to unlock new Skins and Weapons for your character.

We can't deny that Rogue Soul 2 is really an excellent game. However, in addition to it, Give Up and StrikeForce Kitty are also excellent names.