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Rogue Soul

About game:

Rogue Soul is a Platform, Adventure, Fighting, Running and Warrior video game. If you are looking for an intensive video game, then Rogue Soul is the perfect choice for you! Developed by SoulGame, Rogue Soul follows the story of a thief, who is exploring the vast land of India. Rogue Soul allows the player to control the thief and run to advance in the game. The mission that Rogue Soul offers is quite simple, as you need to collect collectible kinds of stuff such as purse, shield and surpass the obstacles that are preventing you from reaching the game goal.

Rogue Soul offers a wide range of enemies, and they are incredibly dangerous. If you don’t manage to jump up on their head and perform attacks, you will be killed immediately after you reach them. You can explore the game world of Rogue Soul and enjoy doing it, but don’t forget that the challenges are always waiting for you ahead. Besides the enemies to fight off and the treasures to collect, you also need to deal with odd things like the big black holes on the street.

Once you fall into any of them, you have to restart right where your progress is saved. Learning from mistakes is a good idea, but if you cause misunderstanding because of your lack of information, it will be a waste. With Rogue Soul, having such fun enjoying the fictional life of a criminal has never been more enjoyable. Come and play this game now!

Rogue Soul Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the arrow Keys to control the thief.
  • Press the F button to slide.
  • Press the D button to parachute.

Rogue Soul - How to play

Control of Rogue Soul

Tips and tricks:

  1. Before you are about to cause a predictable mistake, watch the walkthrough video the game offers.
  2. Read the instructions at the beginning of the game carefully, or else you will miss some useful information.

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Rogue Soul Walkthrough