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Robot Wants Kitty

About the Game:

Robot Wants Kitty is an amazing action platform game made by Hamumu Software. The player takes the role of a robot trying to save his kitty in an alien spaceship. The game is structured like a 'metroidvania' game, which means it consists of one large level, and the points include the time you take to finish the game. The player initially starts with no abilities aside from moving forward and backward, and must search for and get power-ups to jump, shoot, etc.

Robot Wants Kitty is very well designed with the classic and retro platform, with cool graphics and music that will give you an incitement from the first time.

While playing this game, the important thing is to keep your eyes closed and avoid being touched by the aliens, and brainstorm to get your way to the kitty. Be careful not to touch the aliens, as it will cause you 10 seconds extra. Good luck!

Robot Wants Kitty Unblocked:

There is another website that you could play Robot Wants Kitty Unblocked, which is This is a cool Unblocked Gaming Site that you could enjoy playing your favorite games at any places and any time you like. It also allows full screen and has many tutorials to help you play games easier.

How to play:     

  • Use left and right arrow to move the robot, double tap forward to dash.
  • Use down arrow to crouch.
  • Press Z to jump, click again to do double jump.
  • Press X to shoot laser, hold X for more blast.
  • Use both down arrow and Z to rocket upwards.
  • Use both down arrow and X to fire missiles.

Robot Wants Kitty - How to play

Control of Robot Wants Kitty

 Tips and tricks:

There is a trophy for completing the game, and another for completing the game in under ten minutes, named respectively Kitty Get! and Rocket Robot.

Robot Wants Kitty Walkthrough