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Robot Wants Ice Cream

About the Game:

Robot Wants Ice Cream is a platform game, which means it can be played on any and all modern web browsers. You play as a robot who is craving for ice Cream but have to get through all the evil aliens to have it.

Robot Wants Ice Cream, the fourth and final game in the Robot series after Robot Wants Kitty, Robot Wants Puppy, Robot Wants Fishy, is a 2D webgame with simple graphics. The 8bits typical music made by DrPetter and Robbe will guarantee to lift your mood up right away. The game was released on Kongregate and Hamumu on 25th September 2010.

The goal of the game to get Robot some ice cream he is craving for! The game picks off from the last game. Robot, fed up with Kitty's betrayal, throws kitty out of an airlock. Robot and Puppy then enter cryostasis to sleep until they reach Happy Ice Cream Planet. However, when they arrive, things much differ from what they expected.

One new feature of this game is its math puzzles. At the end of each level, you must solve a mathematic progression by figuring out the number in a sequence. Your mental gymnastics will be tested.

Robot Wants Ice Cream Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Move around with arrow keys.
  • Use X to fire deadly plasma bolts!
  • Press Z or Up in air to double-jump.
  • Press both Down and X to encase Puppy in battle-armor for 1 battery
  • Press Down in mid-air to dive and explode for 1 battery.

Robot Wants Ice Cream - how to play

Control of Robot Wants Ice Cream

Tips and tricks:

  • Go to the very bottom of Happy Ice cream planet where Holey Moley was, then, keep moving to the right, until you reach the dead end as you can walk through the brown wall. Keep moving right and there it is, that red thing with the banana, press E to eat it! Near the lower-right corner of the map, notice that there is a 1-tile gap leading to a fake wall.

Robot Wants Ice Cream Walkthrough