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Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal

About game:

If you are really keen on platform games, Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal along with special features and interesting functions, will definitely be a great choice for you. This is one of the most well-known video games developed and created by Markiplier.

In this game, you play as a robot unicorn and your goal is to control your movement and make your way through hazards in the creepy fictitious land. The robot unicorn is programmed to run forward automatically, and you have to reckon time exactly to jump and dash while trying to avoid crashing into any objects on the path or falling out of the platforms.

There is no doubt that Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal will bring you quite a mixed variety of unpredictable benefits. Firstly, it can boost your skills such as dexterity and nimbleness. In addition, it also helps you blow off steam and chill out.

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Unblocked:

You can find and play Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Unblocked at, free of charge. is a familiar website for those who are pretty fond of unblocked games. Additionally, its stunning interface also makes gamers contented when playing. Visiting this website to have interesting experiences!

How to play:

Use “Z” key to jump or double jump; “X” key for a rainbow attack.

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal - How to play

Control of Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal

Tips and tricks:

  • Be patient and you will beat it easily.
  • Observe carefully to move precisely.

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal is a recommended game by hudgames editors along with Robot Unicorn AttackStrike of War and Space Escape.

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Walkthrough