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Robot Unicorn Attack


Robot Unicorn Attack is an online game with a joyful soundtrack and colorful theme, which features a magical flying unicorn with superpowers. This character can jump as high as possible to reach the other side, and use a rainbow boost to run faster. Do you think you can master these skills to dodge obstacles and achieve high scores?

About the game:

Robot Unicorn Attack is an adventure racing game with simple gameplay. Your main task is to avoid hurdles and obtain a high score. In this game, you’ll have to achieve your high score through collecting magical glowing fairies, leaping over deadly boulders and fallen stars. Those things can kill your unicorn and you’ll have to start your journey over. Since this is a racing game, there is no definite goal or winning point, you’ll just have to run until you have beat your high score. With such a simple task, the only limitation is your imagination. So better start playing now!

The Robot Unicorn Attack game is a product of Adult Swim, which is completely free to play on any modern web browser. This is a 2D platform video game and everyone can play it!

This is an adventure game with colorful, you will stun in the whole world in a corolla asphyxiate them colorful. The interesting thing in this game that you don't know you will face to what challenges throughout the journey. And this journey will never end, you will run run run and run.

In this game, you will control a robot unicorn. You have to overcome many challenges such as the obstacles, walls, cliffs, huge boulders. Every time you destroy an obstacle, you will get 100 points. The obstacles are not easily overcome because the pace of the game is very fast, you will not promptly decide between jumping and attacking, which is also the game's attractions.

Due to the author’s odd sense of humor, you will be greeted with quotes aiming to put you off. Despite such a strange opening, stand your ground, and a fantastic adventure and victory await you on the other side. Besides, you will be guided along the way. After all, this is just a relaxing game to help you kill time.

Throughout the game, many notes and tips will appear on the screen, to either discourage you or to help you evolve. But even if you don’t read them, there are still some side notes you should know in order to defeat the game. And while you’re at it, you should know that instead of constantly having to dodge deadly challenges, you can smash through some of them. For instance, with the fallen stars, you can initiate rainbow boost and destroy and, but it only works for the fallen stars for now. And for every fallen star you have destroyed consecutively, you’ll add in 100 more points to your final score. That’s why, instead of dodging them, you should face them forefront and get extra points as a reward for your bravery and courageousness.

This unicorn looks nothing like any other unicorn you have seen before. Instead of a soft-looking unicorn, this muscular machinery unicorn with wavy rainbow mane and tail will take to an unstoppably fast-pace adventure, so you have to be quick to improvise and deal with what’s ahead of you. But you have to be careful, for every time you get into an impact, he’ll definitely explode without a second chance. Not only crashing, but falling can result in your loss as well. If you lose, his robotic head will shed tears in sorrow and sadness.

Even more, there are still numerous undiscovered facts about the game you might not have known yet. For example, your rainbow boost does not need to be reloaded, you can just use them excessively to keep advancing forward and destroy more stuff. Another fun fact about the unicorn’ boosting ability is that it can be used as a way to keep floating on-air when combined with the jumping ability. As you play, you will uncover more potentially helpful tricks for you to get further and faster.

Even though Robot Unicorn Attack is designed for a relaxing and rather quick gaming experience, it also holds many upgrades in the game setting as you get further. In this colorful fantasy land, you’ll even see creatures like pastel pink dolphins, though they’ll not be joining you in completing the magical rainbow quest, yet it’ll be fun to have dolphins as companies. They will not directly affect your gameplay but adding in one or two amazing creatures won't hurt. But not only that, but the glowing fairies you see will also help you to get bonuses as you play. They are visually easy to obtain and collect, yet flies a lot so try to catch them with all you might!  

You’ll get three lives for each turn, and those three lives stand for the points you have accumulated. Robot Unicorn Attack is also a survival game, so those three lives were granted as trials and chances for you to use, in case you have not to understand how the game works and all. This friendly-designed game can help its user to enjoy gaming to the most, so worry not about having to respawn over and over in the game!

For a better experience, you can play in fullscreen mode to enjoy the magical fantasy land, with a colorful and bright theme. This uniquely-designed game with surprisingly smooth movements can assure you a relaxing, enjoyable and fulling gameplay. You can also share this game with your friends to see who can achieve the highest score.

Robot Unicorn Attack Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Press Z to jump
  • Press X to dash

Tips and tricks:

  • Do not be too fast as you crossed the big star, because next is a chasm.
  • You can press the x and z together; it will increase the power for you.
  • Use rainbow boost to destroy fallen stars for extra points.
  • Obtain glowing fairies for bonus points.
  • Tips will appear onscreen as you play to guide you.
  • Survive for as long as you can and dolphins will appear to accompany you.
  • Do not hit boulders and platforms or you will die.
  • Falling will also make you lose the game.

Robot Unicorn Attack Walkthrough