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About the game:

Robokill is a platform video game developed by Rock Solid Arcade for usage on all modern browsers or mobile devices. The game has new gameplay, high graphics, and interesting soundtracks. Moreover, the pace of the game is very fast, you have to be very focused when fighting because if you have a little wrong, you will be attacked immediately.

This game will tell you the story of a yellow robot - called Robokill flying through a space station. But that space station was occupied by Darkstar robots. Therefore, Robokill has to fight the Darkstar robots to rescue the space station. In this game, your mission is to control Robokill against Darkstar robots.

The game has all 10 missions for you to complete, which has different difficulty levels, and you also have to fight different enemies. Your enemies are very crowded, which can be robot soldiers, crazy robot dogs, robotic viruses, and robot spiders.

Robokill Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Press A/S/D/W to move
  • Use Mouse to Aim
  • Click Left mouse to shoot

Robokill - how to play

Control of Robokill

Tips and tricks:

  • In each mission, destroy the yellow barrels because they contain money or weapons
  • Press Q to upgrade equipment, press E to view the map.

Robokill Walkthrough