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Rise Up


Rise Up is a high-quality puzzle game designed for no ordinary brains. In this game, you only find the most enjoyable puzzles on earth. Control a running character through a maze, and use all you've to make sure he runs as long as possible on the track. Can you solve the puzzle and leave him safe and sound? Now, look down below and I'll tell you a bit about the gameplay of this great game!

About the game:

Rise Up is a superb puzzle platform game that zworp has developed. In this clicky game, you control a character who runs blindly without any break. Somehow, he got himself stuck in a tower, which looks pretty much like a maze. Sad to say, this tower has no end. Your character, hence, has to climb the infinite floors till his end. Despite the fact that he'll die anyway, your character is desperate to lengthen his last minutes. So keep he run as long as you can by getting through the tower's maze!

This game has no end, but it has great lessons. You must try to survive as long as you can. You have to practice to sharpen your reflexes, a very important thing in life. And to me, every time I feel tired after a long day, Rise Up is a medicine to help me relieve stress! I often play it on weekends with my younger brother! Sadly, I often lose to him when we want to know who will survive longer! Now, talk about your character!

Your character will make a turn whenever he sees a corner. However, there is one problem here with the tower. In this endless tower, only some levels have walls to protect your non-stop-running character from falling, but some have none, and if you make a wrong decision, he'll hit the empty corner and immediately run to his death. Therefore, click to make him jump to the next ground and avoid his inevitable death. Remember, there is no second life, so pay close attention to your character. Should there be just a tiny mistake, your game will be over.

Hence, it's you the one who need to make smart choices so that somehow, he'll survive. As you climb higher and higher, you'll keep leveling up while the puzzles will keep getting harder and harder. There're maybe times when you just have to jump continuously without thinking, but there're also times when you need some real tactics to go up to the next floors. The key idea here is to take a careful look at the terrains as you decide your following moves. For instance, if all the next floors is all protected by walls, you can move on without thinking.

And so he runs, to the unknown, to his death. Hopeless and exhausted, yet he refuses to surrender his destiny. He doesn't have a faint idea what he's left behind, or what's lying ahead on his journey. He just knows that he had to run and run, and never return. Would you help him?

Although the operation of the game sounds pretty simple so far, this game is not that easy to master as it seems. You can sometimes stop and have a look, but the challenging terrains sometimes prevent you from just taking a small gasp. In that case, you need to have super fast reflexes, excellent hand-and-eye coordination, and some wise strategies that can pop up at once whenever you need. Don't worry if you cannot get a high score when you start playing. Maybe all you need is some practice to get used to the gameplay, and then you'll be a master.

All the arts and graphics in this game are kept down to the basics: only lines and plain colors. This is the key thing that makes Rise Up special. No need for the variety of characters, complex operations, or the colorful arts, Rise Up is still beautifully engrossing. As an amusing puzzle game, Rise Up is suitable for all ages, from kiddos to the elderly. Play it alone, or challenge your friends and family to see who'll get the highest score! What can be more relaxing than a weekend gathering in which you enjoy Rise Up together?

As a person who loves puzzles, I am so into this game. My first impression to it was that the simple details of Rise Up seemed perfectly fit for a minimalist like me. The gameplay is pretty easily, too, I just need to click a single mouse button. However, as I played level through level, I was surprised at the numerous challenges these simple lines could bring up. There were so many times when I have to replay over again because of my carelessness and hastiness. That's why I kept being engrossed and couldn't stop myself from playing Rise Up. 

As Rise Up is powered by Flash technology, it's available on almost every modern web browser. You know, the problems with offline games is that, your computer simply doesn't have enough space to download it all. This is especially true when nowadays, loads of fun games are being updated on a daily basis. Hence, why not playing them online, for free on web browsers? Let's come and check Rise Up out now! Good luck and have fun!

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How to play:

Use left mouse click to make the character jump

Tips and tricks:

  • As you can see what the several next floors look like, try to plan your steps ahead as you go. Building smart strategies is critical in order to gain high scores.
  • Sometimes, you need to take a break and observe your next challenges carefully. But remember only to do so when the floor has walls on both sides.
  • Try not to go too fast without thinking. You might not be able to respond to the challenges awaiting. You know, death's door could be right ahead and just one wrong step could make you a humiliating loser.