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About the game:

Rider is a racing and action game, developed by Ketchapp. In this game, you need to use the mouse to control your neon bike. You have to drive the car on the road, collect rubies along the way. You need to press and hold the mouse to accelerate the vehicle. Calculate mouse hold time, avoid overturning the car if you do not want your car to explode, and you lose.

The higher you go, the more money you'll earn. You will have the opportunity to exchange better cars with better equipment. Remember not to bump into sharp objects. This game is designed according to neon inspiration and competition on the phone with a layout along with the screen. With each play, the color of the game can change because it is so diverse and eye-catching.

You can show off your ability to drive, creating great turns in this game. So are you ready to become an outstanding racer? Please join us!

Rider Unblocked:

For this game, you should find a safe and reputable site to access play. One of the most popular websites today is, turn on the computer and play Rider Unblocked now!

How to play:

Accelerate by clicking, holding and releasing the mouse button

Rider - How to play

Control of Rider

Tips and tricks:

  • The faster your walking speed, the more points you'll get
  • Adjust the time the vehicle lands so it won't be upside down and explode

Rider Walkthrough