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Ricochet Kills Space

About the game:

Ricochet Kills Space is a shooting, physics and space gravity game. You will play an astronaut - Ricochet. In the space, the zombies are lost here. Your mission is to use your own gun and destroy zombies by shooting at them. Use the mouse to align the shot angle and shoot with a mouse click.

Through each round, the number of zombies will increase or they will be in a more difficult position to increase the arduous of the round. Each round of play, you will receive 3 stars for the best results, when you hit all bullets into zombies, the number of bullets fired equal to the number of zombies killed.

In the game, there will be a bouncing plate to help your bullets go in the direction of the base. There are all 30 rounds of play. There are also 12 side quests, you need to complete to increase your score.

Ricochet Kills Space Unblocked:

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How to play:

Using the mouse to align and click to shoot

Ricochet Kills Space - How to play

Control of Ricochet Kills Space

Tips and tricks:

  • Be careful to shoot, don't waste any bullets because you'll get fewer points when you miss
  • Don't let bullets bounce back to you, you'll die

Ricochet Kills Space is a recommended game by Hudgames editors along with Strike Force HeroesRicochet Kills and Ricochet Kills 4.

Ricochet Kills Space Walkthrough