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Ricochet Kills

About the game:

Ricochet Kills is a shooting game which is quite simple but extremely attractive and unique. You will play as a gunner who possesses an extraordinary gun. When this gun fires the bullets, they will approach to destroy the target. And when they touch an obstacle such as a wall or blocks, they will bounce back to reach other objects.

With such elastic properties, these bullets can kill a lot of opponents at once. Your task is to determine an accurate shooting angle to create a path for the bullet so that it will destroy as many targets as possible. This game has all 50 levels with a single game manipulation is shooting.

At some early levels, killing opponents can be quite simple, but later, the difficulty of the levels will increase. You will have to concentrate as well as observe very carefully to win all the levels. Let's play and experience!

Ricochet Kills Unblocked:

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How to play:

The operation of this game is extremely simple. You just need to use the mouse to determine a correct shot point, then click to attack!

Ricochet Kills - How to play

Control of Ricochet Kills

Tips and tricks:

  • Observe carefully the setup of the objects that you need to shoot, then determine a precise shooting angle and attack the opponent.
  • Practice before playing to get familiar with game manipulation and quickly master all levels.

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Ricochet Kills Walkthrough