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About the Game:

Renegades is a sort of shooting and fighting genre, released by Kitecrimson. It is a flash game to play anywhere with a computer or laptop and internet available. In the game, you will have to move your 2 characters with the mouse click, guide them to shoot and kill others enemy.

For each round, you will get 3 stars for the best results if you can kill other competitors and not be knocked out. To view the whole scene, you just need to use the AWSD key on the keyboard. The game will have a map so you can see where you have crossed the positions, and from there will be better tactics to go as far as possible such as prison-house, railway station or downtown.

You need to upgrade equipment and clothes after each round to perform a greater task, increase your strength as health points, action points or melee damage and avoid being destroyed by zombies. There are a total of 39 stars for 13 rounds of play. Have fun!

Renegades Unblocked:

However, websites are not always easy for players. is the best choice to play Renegades Unblocked. With stable connection, this is a website that will help you play Unblocked Game anytime you like. Let’s join now!

How to play:

  • Clicking on the character and choose the location to move
  • Clicking on the opponent to shoot or bomb
  • Killing all opponents to be a winner

Renegades - How to play

Control of Renegades

Tips and tricks:

  • Using AWSD on the keyboard to see the panorama
  • Upgrading clothes and equipment after each round to increase strength

Renegades Walkthrough