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Red Warrior

About the Game:

Brought to you by, Red Warrior Unblocked is a web-based Platform game that has its own unique gameplay and very eye-catchy graphics that suitable for all ages. In this game, you will be a Red Warrior who on his way to rescue a Chef and his friends who are being captured by a group of evil Ninjas.

In Red Warrior Unblocked, braveness and wisdom are the only 02 things that allowed to be used in this game. You will control your warrior to overcome all obstacles and avoid being encountered with evil Ninjas who will try to eliminate you at any cost by throwing ninja stars at you. The special thing about this game is that our Red Warrior will have a special skill to flip the world in many different ways, it’s called Mirror skill. With this skill, it will help you to get out of unwanted situations also will get you to some areas that are difficult to reach.

Red Warrior Unblocked has received more than 4000 plays so far, together withthe Rating score is 9.4/10. These number will guarantee the quality of this game so just play it now and share with us your thought!

Red Warrior Unblocked:

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On our list of recommended game, Red Warrior is one of the most prominent names. Going along with it are three other names including Bad Ice CreamPixel Quest and Sticky Ninja Missions.

How to play:

  • Move your warrior with Arrow Keys.
  • Hit Z or X to perform Mirror skill.

Red Warrior - How to play

Control of Red Warrior

Tips and tricks:

  • You won’t be able to execute the Mirror skill if your Shadow is still inside a wall.
  • You actually don’t have to complete each level to move to the next one. You could jump straight to the next level or any other levels using Numb keys from 01 – 09.

Red Warrior Walkthrough